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Things to know about membership

What is the purpose of the North Texas Winery Association?

The North Texas Winery Association began in August 2018 and is focused on being a leading voice for the wineries of North Texas, from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex North to the Red River. We are a 501c6 non-profit.

Our association is dedicated to marketing and promoting all our member wineries within our boundaries and building the brand of the “North Texas Wine Country” locally, nationally, and internationally.

We exist to:

  • Promote the member wineries of North Texas
  • Brand the “North Texas Wine Country” in the minds of fellow Texans and tourists
  • Events that connect customers to North Texas member wineries
  • Support the growth and quality of North Texas wine and wineries

There are no fees for our members to participate in our events and participation is expected in our four major events each year, two Wine Trails (May & October: Wineries provide at least 3 tastes per ticket) and two Festivals (BudBreak Bash and Drink North Texas: Wineries sell by the glass and bottle).  If we host other events those are optional and Member-Only events. (This fall we have the TV Munson Wine Stroll, Windsong Wine & Music Festival, Celina Craft & Cork Festival and the Waxahachie Wine Walk).

We also host quarterly Marketing Forums for our member wineries at different wineries each time. These meetings are also videotaped and posted for our members who cannot make the meetings. Our annual meeting is in Q1 each year where our Board of Directors are voted in each year.

What is Required for Membership?

There are only 3 requirements for membership in the North Texas Winery Association:

  1. Valid G-Permit
  2. Open Tasting Room – safe for the public
  3. Proof (label) that you’re Selling Wine under your Own Label

How much does Membership cost?

There is an initial $500 Application Fee due with your application paperwork at the time of your Site Visit. Once you have had a Site Visit by either one of our Board of Directors or the Executive Director, and been qualified, your application will be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. Once approved you will be given all current information, By Laws, and procedures for what is relevant at the time of onboarding.

After that, the Annual Dues are $500but are prorated for your first year, then billed on January 1st thereafter. To determine proration, an invoice will be presented for the amount of $500 divided by the number of days remaining in the current year.


What can we expect from our Site Visit?

The Executive Director will set up a mutually beneficial time to come out and visually observe your Tasting Room. Most visits tend to be Wednesday or Thursday afternoons, but we strive to accommodate all parties’ schedules as best we can.

Please complete your New Member Application prior to our visit. To complete this form, you will need to have a couple of documents that I would also like to review when we visit:

  • Completed and signed Application
  • TABC Permit #
    • A photo will be taken as proof during the Site Visit
  • TTF Permit #
    • A photo will be taken as proof during the Site Visit
  • Proof of Liquor Liability Insurance
    • This is recommended and not required at time of joining but will be needed prior to participation in NTWA events
    • A copy is requested when insurance is in place
  • $500 New Membership Fee
  • Wine Under Own Label – (A photo will be taken as proof during the Site Visit)

At the time of the Site Visit, we will review your application and complete a quick New Member Checklist together.

The Executive Director will also being taking photos and may request to do some tastings to help with NTWA Marketing and social media efforts.

What do I get for my Membership? What are the Benefits and Value?

As soon as you join the North Texas Winery Association, your immediate benefits include:
  1. Placement of your logo/photo on our website on the Wineries page showcasing all of our Member wineries. By clicking on your logo/photo, users will be taken directly to your website. Also included in downloadable NTWA map and private page with Wineries, open hours and helpful links all in one area.
  2. NTWA Banner is created for your winery, featuring your logo in the center and the NTWA logo in the right margin.
    1. Example:
  3. TXDot Brochures – these brochures are distributed to Texas Travel plazas at a rate of about 5,000 per season
    1. Your winery will be given a stack of NTWA brochures to display and distribute when your banner is delivered (if they weren’t already delivered at the time of your Site Visit)
    2. As soon as the next print run is done (within approximately 3 months) your winery will be included on the NTWA map within the print brochures
  4. Wine Trails – The Wine Trails are all month long (fall and spring) and during your regular OPEN hours.
    1. Wineries offer at least 3 tastes to Wine Trail ticketholders throughout the Wine Trail month.
    2. Tickets are only available online through our website (via TicketSpice). Links are provided for each event and only require a free downloadable phone app.
  5. NTWA Events Calendar on our website at featuring events that you submit for social media sharing
  6. NTWA sends out a nearly weekly Newsletters to our Member Wineries with updates and North Texas Wine Country information.
  7. NTWA sends out weekly Event Updates to our wine enthusiast followers and subscribers each month featuring YOUR submitted events. These are events held at your winery, live music schedules and New Release announcements.
  8. Ability to post the North Texas Wine Country (NTWC) Facebook page and set up NTWA as a Co-Host to help promote your Facebook events.
  9. Membership to NTWA Facebook group for messages posted amongst member wineries and NTWA member announcements.
  10. Members Resources area just for our Members. This is another way you can find updates, NTWA information and any other items you may have misplaced or need more knowledge about, including archived newsletters and How To FAQs (currently under development)
  11. Volunteer Wine Star wine pourers, that work our events for us. They are all TABC certified. They can also help support you by pouring for you at your winery events and at festivals.  See our June 28th Newsletter for details. 
  12. Quarterly Marketing Forums featuring two educational programs, occasional business speakers, association marketing updates and a time for Member Open House and Networking.

How does NTWA differ from TWGGA?

North Texas Winery Association was formed for the purpose of Marketing. TWGGA (Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association) is a legislative and educational voice for Texas Grape Growers.

NTWA is not a part of TWGGA, but we are a member. Many of our member wineries are very active in TWGGA and the legislative issues that is represents. To help represent our differences: