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The North Texas Winery Association is focused on being a leading voice for the wineries of North Texas, from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex north to the Red River.  Our association is dedicated to marketing and promoting all the wineries within our boundaries and building the brand of the “North Texas Wine Country” locally, nationally, and internationally. We exist to:

  • Promote the wineries of North Texas
  • Brand the “North Texas Wine Country” in the minds of fellow Texans and tourists
  • Events that connect customers to North Texas wineries
  • Support the growth and quality of North Texas wine

Who is the North Texas Winery Association?

The North Texas Winery Association is a Section 501 (c) (6) non-profit organization, founded in August of 2018.

We are introducing our option for Industry Partners with whom we have synergy. Your business may be one of them. 

Benefits of the North Texas Winery Association Industry Partners

  • Your company can reach over 39 member wineries and their customers all over North Texas plus 60+ prospective wineries that often frequent our site
  • Be a part of the $13 billion wine industry in Texas (TWGGA statistic)
  • Your company listed on our website with a link to your website
  • First offer of inclusion and /or sponsorship for all NTWA events
  • Preferred placement of promotional items at member wineries


(214) 842-1980


Industry Partner application

Annual Industry Partner Fee

$150 per year

Annual fee is pro-rated by calendar days remaining at time of joining

Application for North Texas Wine Country Industry Partner

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